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Safe Gold Group

Safe Gold Group (www.safegoldgroup.com) was founded in 2013 and has its HQ on 28th floor of Kin Sang Commercial center, Kwun Tong District, Hong Kong. This group has more than 200 professional employees holding class A and class B financial licenses issued by Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Ltd. It is a well known financial securities dealer with an excellent reputation in whole APAC.

Golden Invest

Australian Golden Invest Group (www.goldeninvest.com.au) was founded in 2017 and has HQ in Norwood, Adelaide, South Australia. This group has over 50 professional employees. It is an important electric energy supplier in South Australia and a leader in renewable energy and solar industries. Golden Invest is dedicated to pushing forward the development, design, and construction, O&M, micro grid and EPC services of solar energy projects on the scale of advanced public services and facilities.

AUTA Group

AUTA Group (www.autagroup.com.au) was founded in 2012 and has its HQ in Glen Osmond, Adelaide, South Australia. It is dedicated to development, sales and construction, and construction of medium to large scale commercial and residential real estate projects in Adelaide and surrounding areas of South Australia. By 2019 the group has developed and sold over 200 detached properties per year. It also has two medium sized commercial projects being developed at the moment.